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4TG United, and Games Galore!

It doesn’t take much to unite us here at 4TG towers, we’re all gamers after all.  Console wars?  No such thing here, we can all appreciate that all consoles have their strengths and weaknesses…  Except George, at the mere mention of a console that doesn’t have Nintendo written on it he snorts and whispers “PC master race” under his breath.  But this week we’re all united in one thing.  You see, one 4TG staff member violated office code 367, section B and inflicted half the office with Flu, although the word Flu doesn’t quite do this affliction justice, it’s super flu!  I don’t feel it would be fair to name said staff member here, so for the sake of the Blog and clarity, let’s call him…  “Sandrew”.  Sandrew got over his disease rather quickly after passing it to the rest of the office, and now he sits at his desk looking smug and flexing his ridiculously fantastic physique.  Stupid Sandrew!  On the plus side, productivity hasn’t been affected as the rest of us are now fuelled by pure, unrelenting hatred of Sandrew and his outrageously good looks!


As always, we have been hard at work making 4TG the best possible gaming event that we can, and well, what would a gaming event be without games?  Just an event, I guess.  But we are a gaming event, so there will be games!!!  What games I hear you ask?  Loads!  Loads of games.

We will have games from all generations and all genres.  You want modern Playstation 4 and Xbox One games?  You’ve got it!  You want VR Games?  Of course you do!  Who doesn’t?!  VR is braw!  Retro gamer?  We got you!  We will have games from the Atari 2600, to the SNES, Mega Drive all the way up to the Xbox 360 and PS3…  Are those considered Retro yet?  George is now rocking back and forward whispering “PC Master Race” over and over, so I feel I should mention we will also have PC Games from all eras as well, from classics such as Doom, Hexen, Starcraft, to modern greats like Rocket League, Overwatch, Battlerite, and many, many more.

At 4TG towers we love indie games, and we’re making our event as accessible as possible to developers of all sizes.  We have student teams from Abertay University, Robert Gordon University and Dundee and Angus College showing their talents as well as established Indie studios showcasing their latest work.  It’s going to be grand!

AbertayLogo Robert_Gordon_University_logo.svg Dundee1

If there is a particular game you want to see at 4TG get in touch on our Social Media channels and we will see what we can do.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/4TGGAMECON

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4TGGameCon

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPqzFulHTIeijXrI92hSjfw

3rd March 2017

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